How to connect WIFI for BMW ICOM

To connect Wi-Fi for a BMW ICOM (Intelligent Communication Optical Module), you typically need to follow these steps:


1. Plug in the USB interface connected to wifi first, and then power on.

2. Then plug in the network cable connected to the computer.

3. The computer is connected to the local router’s wifi.

4. Open IE browser and enter ICOM configiration address (based on current real ICOM IP )
Enter the Wi-Fi Password: If the network is secured, enter the correct Wi-Fi password. This information should be available in the ICOM’s documentation or on the device itself.

5. Select WLAN Settings
Enter WiFi settings
Save Changes.

6. Disconnect LAN cable and restart ICOM, then ICOM will auto connect with WiFi .

7. If using our ICOM software and USB-WIFI, enter configuration as following:
method 1: PC – router – ICOM
connect PC to the router, then connect ICOM to router
method 2: ICOM – PC
directlt connect ICOM emulator to PC

Remember, the specific steps can vary depending on the ICOM model and the software version you are using. Always refer to the user manual for the most accurate and detailed instructions. If you are not comfortable performing these steps or encounter difficulties, it’s advisable to consult a professional or reach out to BMW support for assistance.

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