How to Code BMW Injectors with Autel MS908S Pro

I’m working on a BMW 3 series, it is an LCI model. All injectors have been changed as there was a misfire. Following I’ll show how to code the BMW injectors with Autel MaxiSys MS908S Pro Scan Tool.

These are the injector codes to be used. Can be found on the injector its self.

Having been identify BMW VIN, let’s go to

Hot functions >> Injector >> Injection quantity compensation

It will show the currently injectors stored previous: 4 cylinder codes.

So I’ll pop the new codes in.

Continue >> F2: enter new calibration values

Select cylinder number, OK >> Input new value, OK >> Yes

The first one cylinder has done.

Repeat same operations to finish 4 cylinders.

Press “No >> F1: save calibration values >> Yes” when all were done.

MS908S Pro is saving…if it is wrong, it will kick us back out of it, and we’ll have to start again.

Turn terminal 15 and terminal R off.

Once all statuses have been established on the vehicle, press “Continue”.

So they have been saved successfully.

Go back to check the injector’s codes again, they are all same as typing in the right order.

Everything is good, the BMW has accepted that.


This is using Autel MS908S Pro to save new injectors codes for BMW successfully. Hope this will be helpful.

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