How to activate 2020.09 Star diagnostic Xentry, DTS & EPCWIS

This article is about how to activate 2020.09 Star diagnostic Xentry, DTS & EPC/WIS. As known, only after activation can 2020.06 Star diagnostic can work.

2020.09 Star diagnostic software update details:

Xentry OpenShell 2020.09

WIS/EPC 11.2018


DTS Monaco 8.13



StarFinder 2016

PL73 etc

The compatible SDS devices:

– MB SD Connect C4

– MB SD Connect C5


– eCOM


Windows 7

Windows 10

Offline /online programming:

Offline programming: No

Online programming: need luck

Part 1. Activate 06.2020 MB Star Xentry

Open “ConfigAssist”on the desktop

Copy “Hardware ID” and paste it to Notepad

Open “DTS Monaco 8.13” software on the desktop, it will automatically show DTS ID

Copy the ID to Notepad

Activate 2020 06 Star Diagnostic 05

Send both Hardware ID and DTS ID to the dealer (

Receive the activation file from the dealer.

Open the activation file and Copy the ID inside

In “ConfigAssist”, choose ” StartKey” ->”Manual”.

Paste Xentry activation key here and Save

Xentry activation completed.

Part 2. Activate 06.2020 MB Star DTS

Open the “8.13.rar ” activation zip file

Copy the files inside

Paste all these files to C/Program Files/Softing/Diagnostic Tool Set 8/8.13 to activate DTS Monaco

Part 3. How to Activate 06.2020 MB Star EPC/WIS?

Open EWA on desktop

Enter User: admin and password: 12345

Copy LAN-ID here

Open CarProKey program

Select EPCnet/WISnet program

Paste LAN-ID and generate activation key for EPC WIS

Paste EPC WIS registration key

Copy and paste both of them into the activation box. And then Save

WIS EPC software activation finish.

Now you can connect sd c4/c5 and set IP to use.

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