Autel Maxisys Bmw Battery Registration

How to use AUTEL MaxiSys Scan Tool to register a new BMW replacement battery with the vehicle’s battery control

module. (Car model: BMW 3 series E90 2011)

Choose “Diagnostics”.

Choose “BMW”.

Automatic select…

Enter VIN manually or tap “Read” to acquire VIN.

Confirm vehicle profile ( BMW 3 series E90 2011), tap “Model”.


The “Body”.

Power supply.

Choose “Battery”.

Register battery change.

Register battery replacement.

Choose “2. Register battery replacement”.

Choose NO.1 “Enter battery replacement: Sam capacity”.

Tap “No”.

Battery change is entered in engine electronics (DME or DDE), please wait!

The battery replacement was successfully entered in the DME / DDE.

Press “Continue”, we can now “End service function”.

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