How to Solve BMW A0AA Fault by Resetting CAS ELV Steering Lock

A0AA is a very common fault stored in BMW Car Access System (CAS). The fault can cause an annoying light and bing noise or even non start. You can carry out a reset using an Autel Maxisys system (i.e Maxisys Elite, MaxiSys MS908P etc).

Model example: BMW 630i coupe 2007

MaxiSys reads fault code: A0AA in CAS control unit

How to erase fault code A0AA?

In MaxiSys Elite scanner, go to Diagnostic Function->BMW->Manual Selection-> 6 series->E63/E64->630i_N52_COUPE->EUR-RHD->model year 2007_03

Confirm vehicle information

Select Service function-> Drive->CAS->Reset internal ELV fault counter

The internal ELV fault counter must be reset and a control unit reset performed after replacing the electronic steering lock.

Continue service function

Resetting internal ELV fault counter and performing control unit reset.

The internal ELV fault counter was reset.

Read the fault code memory out of the CAS control unit.

Service function finished

Go to Autel MaxiSys Diagnostic function and choose Auto Scan

Select CAS Car Access System

Read codes

Then Erase codes

Codes have been successfully erased.

No fault codes detected.


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