Why not Buy Scania SDP3 VCI3 from AliExpress ?

Scania SDP3 support all Scania Trucks, Buses and other Heavy Vehicles or Heavy Duty Engines Made by Scania

We got a feedback for Scania SDP3 from our customer Sra. Liz Almengor as following :

We tested your VCI3 and are extremely happy with the result.
It’s indeed working and the first VCI3 we received which indeed is working.
We got several VCI3 units from AliExpress and NO ONE was working and no supplier took responsibility. A real headache.
1.Do you know why most VCI3 from AliExpress are not working properly ?
2.Could you send me a link where I can purchase 2 units VCI3 from you inclusive DHL cost to Panama ? So I can order right away with you again. We don’t need the SPD software anymore, so maybe you can adjust the price a little bit.
Thank you very much for your excellent customer service and always replying to emails.”

Thanks for your support for our product first
For your questions :
1.As i know for aliexpress , there have too many personal store on Aliexpress platform , which dont have technical support , and the seller dont know the exactly quality from different factory , they just want to find the cheapest one to save cost , maybe there have some other reasons for quality of the product too
so if you want get a best quality from aliexpress , it depends on which exactly store you buy it
2.Yes of course , you can check our link here :
We’d like to say that the first configuration of the package free for the software , the cost of the price cant be reduced any more , unless your quantity more than 10 pcs

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