What is a Transponder Key and How do they work

What is a Transponder Key?

Have you ever wondered or even noticed that just about every car key has a fat black head that’s distinct from the blade? Is it transponder key?

A transponder key is called a mechanical key also refers to the blade key. It usually has a plastic head on it and in most cases inside this plastic head is an inductor that is used to verify an original transponder key and decide your car to run or not run.

This is transponder keys

However, an old standard car keys basically just a metal key nothing fancy on it. you insert it to your vehicle you turn the ignition the car would run the things started to progress. Over the last few years, the mechanical key came out. we called it transponder key also refers to the blade key.

Transponder keys, at first sight, appear to be normal keys. They have all the defining features of a typical key, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d have no idea that there is actually technology inside these little guys.

So, what makes a transponder key special? In a simple word — security. That’s because there’s a small computer chip inside of it that interacts with your car every single time you start it up.

How do Transponder Key Work?

When you plug it into the ignition, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) will send a coded message to the key. The key will receive the coded message and will respond back to the Engine Control Unit. Only once when the messages are authenticated by the car, your car will start. With these transponder keys, the car key replacements have become a difficult job for the automotive locksmith.

Transponder keys do not have a battery. It is an embedded chip that is powered by the radio signals itself that are sent by the car. The radio signals are of a very low strength that they activate the chip only when the key is very near to the dashboard or when it is pushed into the ignition to start the car. If you just want to lock and unlock the doors of your car, you do not need the transponder key but to start your car, you need the transponder key.

The key responds to a special signal in your ignition lock, communicating to the car that it’s good to start up. Without this signal, the car won’t start, even if you have a perfect replica of the key blade.

That makes cars exceptionally hard to steal. Without the original transponder key, your car isn’t going anywhere. If you have to go for a car key replacement, you need to go for the car key programming by some professional tools, like as Autel IM608 Key programmer or MaxiIM IM508 key programming tool.

Here are key programming case studies by professional key programming tools.

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