Program smart key on a 2017 INFINITI QX70 by OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus

Purpose: Program smart key on a 2017 INFINITI QX70 by OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS

What you need:
Car: 2017 INFINITI QX70 (European)
Device: OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus key programmer full version

Main steps:
Step 1: Read PinCode
Step 2: Program smart key


Step 1: Read PinCode

Connect X300 DP Plus to the vehicle via OBD

Enter Diag Program function menu


Initializing Mcu data…

Upgrading VCI…

Initializing diagnostic data…

Press PinCode Calculator-> 4 Digital PinCode-> BCM No.

Switch ignition off

Read out the BCM within the code

Tap the screenshot icon to record the old and new pincode

Step 2: Program smart key

Choose Manual Select Model-> INFINITI-QX70-> Europe->2014–> PROXIMITY->Program Smart Keys

Take all smart keys out of the car, and press start button, press ENTER to continue

Input Pincode and confirm the value

Put the back of the smart key to be programmed on the start button, press start button and wait for security light extinguished, press ENTER to continue

Then switch off

Program successfully, press ENTER to program next one

Repeat the steps as the original key

Program the new key successfully, press Esc

Attach the back of the programmed proximity key to the start button to start the vehicle.

Please kindly notice:

If the vehicle cannot be started according to operation prompts, please re-execute this function and try another staring method: depress the brake and press start button twice with the programmer proximity key to start the vehicle.

Switch the ignition off

Open driver door, then close the door

Press the Unlock button of the smart key

Programming complete

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