OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Renault Trafic 2018 key programming

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS IMMO Renault V30.96 update Trafic 2018 all keys lost programming by connecting one extra Converter.

As you can see, please prepare these:

one obdstarX300 dp plus(x300 pro4 does not support Renault Trafic 2018 all keys lost programming yet)
A Converterof Renault (image below)


Enable the network connection.

obdstar X300 dp plus comes with the help file on how to do in detail, here we have a look:

Plug dp plus into the Renault Trafic 2018 via 16pin cable, tap “DP” -> “IMMO” -> “Europe” -> “Renault”.

Tap “Renault V30.96”.

Program keys.


2014- .

All keys lost (Beta).

Program keys.

Please again ensure the internet connection is normal.

Please connect the OBDII-16 and Converter at the same time.

Tap “Enter” to continue by following the instruction.

Let’s tap “Help” for instructions.


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