Mercedes W212 Xenon Headlamp Coding with Launch X431 PAD V

Launch X431 PAD V Mercedes Benz E300h W212 Xenon headlamp calibration DTC C156E00 Calibration of vehicle level was not performed.


On the function of X431 Pad 5, tap “Local diagnose”.

Click on “Europe” and then “Mercedes-Benz” and “Ok” to connect the VCI in Wifi mode…

Click on “Automatically Search” and it will read the information of the car including the VIN. and then read mileage from ECU, okay, it reads out VIN code, car model, SysCfgs ID etc.

Switch on Ignition? Click on “OK”.
Alright, this is System Topology and then “System List” and then XALWA_L-Left Xenon headlamp (E1n1), read fault code and have C156E00 (current and stored): calibration of the vehicle level was not performed…

Click on “Special Function” -> Calibration processes -> Zero Position adjustment ->

Vehicle must be on level surface, click on “F3”.

Back on click on “Clear Fault Code” and “Yes” to clear, soon clear fault memory completed.
Click on “Read fault code” and you can see there is No DTC.
And no error message on the dashboard.


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