Mercedes Benz OEM MB Star C6 Cant Communicate with Xentry

What to do if OEM MB Star C6 cannot communicate with Xentry? If you do have my own WLAN dongle since one was not provided but you unsure if the dongle set up correctly or what else needs to be done to get it connected.

Problem as bellowing :

Screen shot 1 : VCI cannot be used. Firmware is older than the installed program version

Screen shot 2: Not paired with Xentry Diagnosis VCI.

Screen shot 3 : WLAN stick of diagnosis computer not found.

Engineer solutions for the issues :

Double click that Mercedes Icon at the top and all the shortcuts are there

The password for C6 is 12345678, if you need to connect to c6 WIFI, the remote will be disconnected.

If you use wireless connection, you need to disconnect the USB cable.
If your computer has a built-in wireless network card, you don’t need this dongle

Then it can work now
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