how to use Launch X431 PAD VII to perform ZBECON controller EDC

After replace the screen,if you find there is no functions,you need to do EDC damper statellite coding.This instruction show you guide on how to use Launch X431 PAD VII to perform ZBE/CON controller EDC damper satellite coding for for BMW 530e G30.For more repair case of BMW,please check BMW Trouble Repair.


Tool You Need:

Launch X431 Pad VII



Connect Launch X431 PAD VII to BMW 530e

Then power on Launch X431 PAD and automatically search vehicle identification

After scanning,go to “Coding/Program” option

Select “Coding”

It show the vehicle information,press “Next”

Scroll down to select “ZBE/CON(Controller)”

Select “S15A-18-07-546”,then wait coding processing

Recoding has been completed

Now go to system list to check the DTC in ZBE/CON controller,you will find there is no DTC.

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