How to Update Autel VCI FIRMWARE

Hello guys, today Auteldiag shows you how to update Autel VCI Firmware or VCI update for Autel Scanners (Autel scan tool). This procedure cuts across different makes of Autel scanners and applies to the MaxiVCI mini, MaxiVCI 100, and the wireless diagnostic interface (for the MK908 for example). It is essential in addition to routine Autel scanner updates, to have the vehicle connector interface aka wireless Bluetooth VCI, updated to the latest firmware to ensure optimal connectivity to vehicles. The MaxiVCI mini is used by tools like MaxiCHECK MX808TS, MaxiCOM MK808TS and MK808BT. Examples of Autel scanners that use the MaxiVCI 100 include the MaxiSYS MS906BT, MaxiSYS MS906TS, etc. The MaxiCOM MK908 uses the wireless diagnostic interface aka Bluetooth diagnostic interface.

Here we are.

First of all,we should take care about :

1.Ensure the device is well charged
2.Connectuion to VCI is firm
3.internet connection is stable

Step 1. Connect the VCI to the table via supplied USB


Into the USB port, these two green lights come on which means it works

USB connect indicators on the various models

Step 2. Connect the tablet to the internet via WIFI, then tab VCI Manager >> Update

During the update process:

Do not leave this page during the upgrade
Do not disconnect the VCI

The current version is V2.03, reboot your VCI Bluetooth adapter to completed the update

Step3. Disconnect and then reconnect the USB to reboot the VCI

Update completed!

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