How to Solve Lexus VSC Light On With DTCsC1336 & C1433

Here i want to share a real Lexus repair case,a Lexus owner drove his Lexus to ask for VSC light on all time and C1336 & C1433 DTCs occur.The Lexus owner said this problem appeared after a traffic accident repair.

C1336 means “zero point calibration of yaw rate sensor undone.”

C1433 Steering Angle Sensor Internal Circuit Problem

Our technicians try to use scanner to clear C1336 and C1433 trouble codes,but them come back again.


Read out the data file of 24c02 chip (you can remove the chip or use no-need removed clip)

Then you need to use editor to modify the data file on laptop,check here:How restore Data Damaged of Toyota Steering Angle Sensor

After you completing 24c02 chip data modification,write the data file back into 24c02 chip.And install what you remove back to the Lexus,you will find only a DTC exist.

Now use a wire to connect OBD port pin 4 to pin 12.

Turn ignition on,then the VSC light will flash twice,after then turn ignition off.

Now the DTCs will disappear and the VSC light will work correctly.

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