How to DisableActivate Retractable Mirror for Nissan Maxima by X431

In this instruction, show the operation on how to use Launch X431 Throttle to disable or activate retractable mirror for Nissan Maxima 2017.And for more Nissan repair,please check:Nissan Trouble Repair.

Disable/Activate Retractable Mirror for Nissan Maxima Procedures:

Connect Launch X431 to Nissan Maxima obd port,then enter menu to select “Nissan”

Select “The Vehicle With 16PIN”

Select “Automatic Selection (VIN)”

Select “System Selection”.

Select “BCM(Body Control Module)”

Select “Special Function”–>”Retractable Mirror Set”.

Now here are two options “Off” and “On”,you can choose them to disable or activate.


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