How to Disable 2021 Ford F-150 Auto Start Stop with Forscan

2021 Ford F-150 Auto Start Stop can now be disabled via FORScan. You will need a Forscan compatible J2534 interface, i.e the vxdiag vcx nano ford interface.

The following has been reported to disable Auto Start/Stop:
PSCM 730-03-01 xxxx xxxx 00–

If you keep the Stop Start status monitor open in the IPC (found in the Trip Fuel menu) you can monitor that every time auto stop start should kick in it will not due to a ‘steering maneuver in progress’, which is an auto stop start interrupt generated by setting this.


The person that first tested this newer mod (Airborne_Ape) said “In the tests this generates no errors, no DTC’s, no prompts, no chimes and keeps the battery monitor system active. The Auto Start Stop algorithm is just always interrupted by the PCSM and will never work.”

Can confirm: This is the only notification that I get, and it is only visible if you are already looking at this screen.

No errors, no warnings, no side effects (so far).

By changing that “1” to a “0” you’re basically just tricking the Power Steering Control Module into thinking that the steering wheel is currently in motion, and therefore A.S.S. is not activated.

Since this is a normal action that it looks for each time you stop it wouldn’t generate any kind of error, therefore, no error or warning messages.

Mission accomplished.

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