Before operating or maintaining the AUTEL MAXISYS ULTRA, please read these instructions carefully, paying extra attention to the safety warnings and precautions . Use this unit correctly and with care. Failure to do so may cause damage and/or personal injury and will void the limited product warranty.

WARNING: The MaxiFlash VCMI is compatible with Autel main cable V2.0 and USB cable V2 only.

1. Connet the main cable V2.0 to the vehicle Date Conntctor on the VCMI unit, and tighten the thumb screws.

2. Connect the cable’s 16-pin adapter to the vehicle’s DLC, which is generally locater under the vechicle dash.

3. Power up the Display Tablet. Ensure the tablet has a charged battery or is conneted to the DC power supply.

4. Select one of the three methods shown below, Bluetoolth, WI-FI or USB cable V2, to connect the Display Tablet with the VCMI device and estabilsh a communication link. Use only the USB cable connection when programming.

5. When the VCMI device is properly connected to the vehicle and the Display Tablet, the VCMI status button at the bottom bar on the screen shows a green mark, indicating the system is ready to start vehicle diagnosis.

6.The measurement application enables testing of electrical wiring,circuits,and systems.

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