How to add BMW Mini CAS3+ Key with Autel IM608?

Autel MaxiIM IM608 feedback: Add key for Mini Cooper 2011 CAS3+ istap no issues via OBD.

Good to know:

It is cas3++ istap, once I had an update fail. Car did not start anymore. But I could repair the cas with autel. Here is how I done it , when update failed. Same process for the mini

Autel IM508/IM608 Do Repair BMW CAS3+ ISTAP

Someone think that “on MINI must remove the dashboard to access the CAS”… then the easy job becomes a shitty job.

Someone feedback ” I was trying to add key with autel cas 3+ and it doesn’t add key by obd in cas” .

Yes I had this problem also. In that case you need to go to ecu operation after you did the add key procedure, and write the key ID in yourself.

Look at Autel IM608 Mini Cooper coverage:

From the official site:

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