Guide to Removing and Installing the Engine Camshaft Gear in a Caterpillar 311F LRR – JFT Crawler Excavator

This guide outlines the process for removing and installing the engine camshaft gear on the Caterpillar 311F LRR – JFT Crawler Excavator. Follow these steps carefully to ensure proper handling and maintenance of your excavator’s engine.

Removal Steps:

  1. Rocker Shaft and Pushrod Removal:

    Important: Keep all parts clean and free of impurities to avoid rapid wear and reduce the lifespan of the components.

  2. Fluid and Impurity Precautions:
    • When performing inspections, maintenance, or repairs, ensure that all fluids are contained and disposed of according to local regulations.
  3. Idler Wheel Removal:
    • Remove the idler wheel as described in the Disassembly and Assembly manual, section “Idler-Disassembly”.
  4. Camshaft Gear Removal:
    • Ensure tool (A) is securely in place.
    • Remove tool (B).
    • Unscrew the bolts (3) from the camshaft (4).
    • Detach the camshaft timing ring (2) from the positioning pin (5).
    • Using tool (C), remove the camshaft gear (1) from the camshaft (4).

Installation Steps:

  1. Part Inspection and Preparation:
    • Ensure that all parts are clean, and check for wear or damage. Replace any worn or damaged parts as necessary.
  2. Idler Wheel and Tool Preparation:
    • If tool (A) was removed, reinstall it following the instructions in the Disassembly and Assembly manual, section “Idler wheel-Disassemble”.
  3. Lubrication:
    • Apply clean engine oil to the teeth of the gears (1).
  4. Camshaft Gear Alignment:
    • Align the timing mark on the camshaft (4) at position (V) with the timing mark on the front housing at position (W).
    • Position the camshaft gear (1) onto the camshaft (4), ensuring the positioning pin (6) fits into the hole (X) on the camshaft.
  5. Gear Installation:
    • Confirm that the chamferals on the crankshaft gear at position (Y) are aligned between the timing marks on the camshaft gear at position (Z).
    • Reinstall tool (B).
    • Place the camshaft timing ring (2) on the positioning pin (5).
    • Insert and tighten the bolts (3) into the camshaft (4) to a torque of 25 N-m (221 lb in).

Final Steps:

a. Idler Wheel Installation:

  • Install the idler wheel as directed in the Disassembly and Assembly manual, section “Idler wheel-Install”. b. Rocker Shaft and Pushrod Installation:
  • Reinstall the rocker shaft and pushrod according to the steps in the Disassembly and Assembly manual, section “Rocker shaft and pushrod installation”.

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By following these detailed instructions, you can successfully remove and install the camshaft gear of the Caterpillar 311F LRR – JFT Crawler Excavator. Ensure all tools and manuals are readily available to facilitate this process effectively.

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