Caterpillar EXCAVATOR 311 F LRR JFT: Installation of Oil-Water Separator and Fuel Filter

Important Guidelines

  • Please ensure that only properly trained and authorized personnel make adjustments and repairs to the fuel system.
  • Before starting any work on the fuel system, consult the Operation and Maintenance Manual, particularly the “General Hazard Information and High Pressure Fuel Line” section for safety protocols.
  • Adhere to the cleanliness standards outlined in the System Operation, Testing, and Adjustment manual under “Fuel System Parts Cleaning”.

Installation Steps:

  1. Inspect and Prepare Fuel Filter Base:
    • Ensure the fuel filter base is clean and undamaged. Replace the entire base and filter assembly if necessary.
  2. Fuel Crude Filter Assembly:
    • a. Install a new filter element in the fuel filter tank. Refer to the “Fuel system crude filter (oil-water separator) filter-Replace” section in the maintenance manual for detailed instructions.
    • b. Remove the cover from connector (1) and install a new O-ring seal (10).
    • c. Remove the screw plug from the fuel oil filter (4) and attach connector (1), tightening it to 20 N-m (177 lbin).
    • d. Similar to step c, remove and replace the cover and O-ring on connector (2), and attach to the fuel oil filter, tightening to 20 N-m.
    • e-h. Follow similar steps for the remaining connectors and screw plugs, ensuring all new O-rings are installed and components are tightened to specified torque.
    • i. Install a new O-ring on the fuel water content sensor (5), attach it to the fuel crude filter, and secure tightly.
  3. Positioning:
    • Mount the fuel oil filter assembly (4) to its bracket.
  4. Securing the Assembly:
    • Install and tighten the bolts (3) on the fuel crude filter assembly to a torque of 50 N-m (37 lbft).

      Critical Reminder:

  • Ensure that plastic tube assemblies are reconnected correctly to prevent pollutants from entering the fuel system, which could result in significant engine damage.
  1. Plastic Tube Connections:
    • Connect the plastic tube assembly to connectors (1) and (2) of the fuel crude filter after removing respective screw plugs and covers.
  2. Electrical Connections:
    • Attach the OEM wiring harness assembly (6) to the fuel water content sensor (5).
  3. System Activation:
    • Turn the fuel supply and battery break switch to the “on” position.

Final Step:

  • Remove any air from the fuel system. Refer to the “Fuel System-Charge” section in the Operation and Maintenance Manual for the correct procedure.

Additional Tools:

Software Note:

  • Ensure you have the latest Caterpillar ET Electronic Technician Diagnostic Software (versions 2024A, 2023C, 2019C) properly installed for optimal functionality and troubleshooting.

By following these guidelines and installation steps, you can ensure a proper setup of the oil-water separator and fuel filter on your Caterpillar EXCAVATOR 311 F LRR JFT, maintaining the efficiency and reliability of your equipment.

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