Can BMW E60 Read Data and Learn Key by Autel IM508 & XP400 Pro

Question: I have one 2004 Bmw e60 and 2 cars e60 2007. Is it possible to learn new key by Autel IM508 and xp400 pro? engineer replied:
These cars belong to EWS3 or EWS4 immobilizer system, you need to disassemble the original EWS module firstly, next use Autel XP400 Pro to read EEPROM/ Flash data and save into the device, finally, learn key by MaxiIM IM508.

Here is BMW EWS3 key programming with IM508 operation instruction for reference.
Connect Autel MaxiIM IM508 to XP400 Pro and the EWS3 module properly

Note: Don’t connect XP400 Pro key programmer to the vehicle (EWS3 module)!
Operate on Autel IM508 key programmer

1.Read EEPROM data
Select “Automatic selection”-> tap “Read” to read out VIN automatically (No need to enter VIN manually)
Read out the vehicle info and confirm if it is correct
Select the related car year, system to read data

Reference: Read Benz W207 EIS Data by Autel IM508 with XP400 Pro

2.Learn key
Select BMW-> System selection-> Immobilizer-> EWS Immobilizer-> Key operation-> Key learning

Pay attention to the prompt on screen and go to next step
Choose the EWS data that has been read and saved by XP400 Pro
Confirm the type of current EEPROM file is EWS immobilizer system and continue to perform

Select one key unused to write

Put a blank key into the slot of the XP400 Pro programmer
Wait a moment to write key until the process is successful

After that, check the key status again, the key programmed will show “Used” status


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