Autel XP400 Pro Read Write EWS3 EWS4 No Issue

Although BMW EWS is a very easy job can be done by cheap AK90 at $30, it is just nice to know Autel MaxiIM can do EWS3 if happens to have it in hand.

Which Autel can do?
Autel IM608/IM608Pro + XP400 Pro
*XP400 cannot read/write EWS3. Require XP400Pro.

What adapter to use?
Ews3 adapter (APB114 EWS3 adapter board) the tool tells you what to connect the wire to
APB114 EWS3 adapter is included in IMKPA Accessories (Needs to Buy IMKPA AccessoriesSeparately).

Test report:
EWS3 flawless using Im608pro+ imkpa in ews3
also write a key
Adapter is APB114
I have the ak90 I just choose to do it this way and it worked out a whole lot easier and faster

FYI: IM608 does EWS4 as well. Doesn’t require EWS4 adapter, direct read and write.

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