Autel MS906BT Monitor Mitsubishi Montero Oxygen Sensors

Today I’m gonna use the Autel MaxiSys MS906BT scan tool to diagnose oxygen sensors monitor for a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero XLS 3.5L 108 miles, which is catalytic converter monitor help.

This is an emission monitor, I’ve scanned the Montero before, the data was stored in Autel MS906BT already. So let’s go to see live data directly.

Data manager >> Review data >> EOBD record of Montero XLS

Scroll down to select “Oxygen sensor output voltage bank 2 (including sensor 1 and sensor 2)” >> Press “Graph merge”

Basically, it took a recording of the oxygen sensor, the green line is the rear oxygen sensor and the blue line is the front oxygen sensor. You can see they startup here, switch several couples, it goes up then goes down. There are few switches, this one seems to be normal. flatlines looks good and switch a few times.

Remember when you start up the engine, the rear oxygen sensor will switch under load.

Let’s go back to select “Oxygen sensor output voltage bank 1 (including sensor 1 and sensor 2)” >> Press “Graph merge” again

Slide the block, let’s go to the beginning.

As you can see the green line starts, it completely falls off the graph. Keep going several switches, there is another falling off the graph right here. Very interesting, by the sixth time, the rear oxygen sensors alive.

This is a long monitor working with Autel MS906BT Diagnostic Tool for a Mitsubishi Montero 3.5 liter and I’ve got about 150 miles on it. The next step would be to graph it on a lab scope to actually see what is going on.

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