Autel MaxiSys Benz W220 J2534 Online Programming Review

I am yet to find one machine that “does all makes” and “does everything”.

The Snap On and Launch was all I ever really needed, but these days, even the new Snap On’s and Launch’s simply don’t do everything I need them to, across multiple brands.
Yeah, I do own a 1 year old, and updated Snap On, and a 6 month old Delphi, and they do get used, but when the going gets a bit tougher than average, only Dealer stuff will do.

Just checked out the Autel Maxisys MS908P, looks very sweet, starting price on $2,299 in

Just finished version coding a pse module installed in a 2003 S430 using an Autel 908p and j-2534 pass thru device. It went flawlessly, now all the central locking works!

The pass through is both part of the maxisys and a stand alone tool. The pass through device is what you hook to obd2 port and connects wirelessly to the Maxisys. The pass through can also connect to your vehicle and a laptop. If you connect with a laptop you need a subscription to the vehicle manufacturer software. Mercedes charges $60 for 24 hours of access. With your subscription your pass through programmer and laptop can perform any functions of the OEM scan tool.
So in other words the pass through device needs a computer with internet access at all times to function.
The Maxisys comes with every cable and connector you need. You can just buy a pass through device separately too but you can only use it during your subscription time frame.

Autel Ms908p Package

Whenever you buy a subscription to the OEM again for reflashing check out the OEM scan tool function. Your computer can emulate everything the OEM scan tool does!

J3524 programming has to be performed in conjunction with a laptop running windows 7 or xp. I have done scn coding with a laptop. As far as i know you must be running Windows to do scn coding I should have made that clear. Your laptop hooked up to a j2534 passthru device can do anything the factory scan tool can do. (During your subscription timeframe.)

MB Star diagnostics should not need a j2534 programmer. Being that it is a factory scan tool it should be fully capable of all Mercedes-Benz functions.Clones I don’t know. Being fully updated makes a difference also. Case in point…on a gm with an un-updated tech2 I couldn’t program a key fob.With my new Autel 908 pro it took less than a second.

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