Autel IM608 Program Benz W207 All Keys Lost via OBD

We are doing all keys lost on Mercedes c300 2011 (W207) with the Autel MaxiIM IM608 through the Obd no need to remove the EIS. Only fobik AKL can be done via OBD in car. Not only W207, you can do other Mercedes new fobik via OBD, i,e Spinter DAS3 fobik.

Better check vehicle coverage on Autel website to see if OBD mode is available.

Here’s the diagram you can see there’s a fuse cable you can make this work there ELV this one go to the obdii, another goes to the diagnostic tool connector.

doing all keys lost on Mercedes c300 2011 (W207) with the Autel IM 608 through the Obd no need to remove the Eis. New fobik key programming

You don’t have to use the ELV Simulator when doing all keys lost every time, just follow the diagram, it depends on the model not always the same.

so we had to connect to this connector here the disconnect the EOP which is right above the brake pedal. You’re looking for this blue connector and then you connect on the pin number three with

this cable. You follow it and connect to the g box here and then you gotta take out the fuse number 27 and use the fuse cable. it’s right here, left open the engine and this box everything’s hooked up.

Connect the xp400 with autel im608.

That should be okay all right. Let’s begin doing this model.

Select model and on vehicle method

Read EIS data
Insert a blank key into xp400
perform password calculation
Connect the infrared key simulator to the programmer
calculating password in procedure
im608 took about 30 minutes to retrieve password
calculate password successfully
then generate a key file
insert blank key into the IR hole
Write key

Test key

just follow im608 prompts step by step.

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