Autel IM508 Program 2021 Hyundai Palisade All Keys Lost Success

Have 2021 Hyundai Palisade to add a remote control using the Autel IM508 key programmer as well as a brand new smart key from the keyless factory. It shouldn’t be a bug, no problem, this remote control has 4 buttons while the original for this vehicle has 5 buttons, that shouldn’t be a problem, we will figure it out together.

Come on let’s do that.
Connect the OBD cable to the port under the driver dashboard.

After connecting to the Autel IM508, go to the Settings menu and select System Settings.
Select the desired WiFi connection and continue (mobile hotspot is recommended) .

Return to the main menu and select IMMO.
Accept the agreement and select Hyundai (use search to find it quickly) .
Choose “Automatic selection”.

Select “Read” to find vehicle VIN number, turn on ignition and choose “OK”.
Select ok and check info before continuing.

Select “Smart key”.

Then “Hot Function” & “Read Immobilizer Password”, “Read Pin Code (4A Smart Card)”.

Confirm the “Key Type”, press the push-to-start button and turn on Hazard Lights and select “OK”.

Once the password is read, select “OK”, the system will remember the code.
Select “ESC” and choose “Smart key programming”.

Press “Start” to begin and follow on-screen instructions.

Make sure you have the original key on hand, as the system will delete all keys on system before adding.

Turn off ignition and open & close driver door.
The system fills in the “System Pin”, select “OK” ×2 (Saved from earlier).

Hold the “New smart key” to the Push-to-Start button, within 5-seconds of pressin ok, hold the “PTS button” for 5 seconds with the upper-rear of the remote. Repeat until successful.

Success, repeat the previous process with any other keys desired before closing out.
Note: remotes don’t work until process is complete.
Select “Yes” then use the next smart key to repeat.

Another success! When you are finished, select NO to exit programming and test the smart keys. Confirm the desired number of keys, press the Escape key. All buttons work perfectly. Test the proximity function for push-to-start. Remove other smart keys from the vehicle, then start normally, repeat with all keys. Successful, test completed.

In summary:

Okay, as expected programming was easy, the Autel IM508 programmer behaves like a beast, a fully programmed remote control, even though this remote only has 4 buttons and the vehicle has 5 button remote, everything works the same as it should.

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