2014 Range Rover sport keyless add key Via Autel MaxiIM IM608

Using Autel MaxiIM IM608 for 2014 Range Rover sport keyless add key, 2 mins job. Ignition off, Autel turns ignition on itself. Confirm this then click button of new remote a few times and it matches.10 mins all in with cutting. Easy via OBD.

autel im608 2014 range rover sport keyless add key – Autel IM608 2014 Range Rover sport keyless add key: Impressive

Impressive Job, right? About this car model, there are 2 frequently-asked questions:

Do people generally find IM608 safe to try?

Answer: fk72 from 15 on are encrypted and need removed…dpla safe through obd.


Upto 2014 should b alright by obd everytime? Or still a chance its encrypted.

Answer: still a chance of encryption if it has been to dealer for security update…autel reads KVM type anyway,so if fk72 don’t proceed via obd.

Video: Autel IM608 | How To Do All Keys Lost On 2012 Range Rover Sport

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