Secondary Steering System Evaluation for New Holland LW 130.B Wheel Loader

The New Holland LW 130.B Wheel Loader is a powerful machine designed for heavy-duty tasks. One of its important features is the secondary steering system, which ensures the safety and control of the loader during operation. To ensure that the secondary steering system is functioning properly, it is essential to conduct regular tests, including the parking brake test. This article will guide you through the steps of conducting a parking brake test using the digital display of the New Holland LW 130.B Wheel Loader.

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Proceed as follows:

Step 1: Ensure the loader is positioned on a flat, clear surface with its bucket set for travel.

Step 2: Activate the machine and maintain the engine at a low idle, setting it to third gear in a neutral state.

Step 3: Switch the Transmission-Auto control to its manual mode.

Step 4: Turn off the transmission cut-off feature.

Step 5: Engage the Parking Brake by switching it to the ON position.

Step 6: Move the gear selector to either the third gear forward or reverse position.

Step 7: On the diagnostic panel, press the P1 button to initiate the first phase of the secondary steering system test.

Step 8: Continue by pressing the P2 button to highlight the test option.

Step 9: Confirm your test choice by pressing the P3 button, labeled “OK”.

Step 10: Again, press the P3 button under “OK” to confirm the test selection.

Step 11: Begin the test by pressing the P3 button under “GO”.

Step 12: The system will automatically cycle the parking brake on and off.

Step 13: Observe to ensure there is no movement from the loader.
Step 14: A message will appear on the display indicating the test has been completed.

Step 15: The display will revert to the test menu page. Press the P1 button to return to the main homepage.

Step 16: Should there be any detection of movement during the test, it indicates a need for the parking brake to be either adjusted or fully repaired.

In conclusion, conducting regular tests on the secondary steering system of the New Holland LW 130.B Wheel Loader, such as the parking brake test, is crucial for maintaining the machine’s safety and performance. By following the steps outlined in this article, operators can ensure that the secondary steering system is functioning properly, providing them with the control and stability they need during their operations.

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