How to Install a Volvo Engine Cover Guide

Volvo MD2010, MD2020, MD2030, MD2040 Engine cylinder head installation

1. Clean the surface of the cylinder head and cylinder block. Remove any rust or soot from the screw hol es and threads for the cylinder head screws.

2. Fit on the new cylinder head gasket.

3. Apply grease containing molybdenum disulphide on the cylinder head screws.
NOTE! The screws are surface treated and must not be cleaned with a steel brush.
Note: I f the cylinder head is painted the mating surfaces for cylinder head screws must be free from paint, otherwise the clamping force in the screw union will be adversely affected.

4. Check that the tubular pins (guides) are fitted in the block. Place the two rear cylinder head screws in the cylinder head and fit the hea

5. Tighten the cylinder head screws in three stages as per the following. See tightening diagrams Fig. 30-31.

1st tightening
MD2O10. MD2020 10 Nm (7.40 ft.lbs)
MD2030 20 Nm (14.80 ft.lbs)
MD2040 30 Nm (22.10 ft.lbs
2nd tightening
MD2O10, MD2020 20 Nm (14.80 ft.lbs)
MD2030 35 Nm (25.80 ft.lbs)
MD2040 70 Nm (51.70 ft.lbs)
Final tightening
MD2O10, MD2020 35-40 Nm (26-30 ft.lbs)
MD2030 50-53 Nm (37-39 ft.lbs)
MD2040 90-95 Nm (66-70 ft.lbs

6. Fit the pull rods (2), valve caps (3, MD2040 and l ater versions of 2010, 2020,2030) and rocker mechanism (1).

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7. Adjust the valve clearance as per directions on page 34. Fit the valve cover.
Fig. 33. Fitting of oil pressure pipe (cylinder block – cylinder head / rocker mechanism)

8. Fit the oil pressure pipe between the block and 5. Tighten the cylinder head screws in three stages as cylinder head (rocker mechanism on MD2040). per the following. See tightening diagrams Fig. 30-31.
Tightening torque 10-13 Nm (7.4-9.6 ft.lbs).32

9. MD2O10, MD2020:Fit the circulation pump. MD2030:Fit the circulation pump and thermostat
and spring (see Fig. 35).

10. Fit the glow plug, Tightening torque: see Technical data. Fit the conductor rail and connect the electric cable.

11. Fit the copper gaskets, heat shields (MD2030) and i nserts (MD2O10-MD2030) to the injectors as per Fig. 34.

Fit the injectors. Use socket L=80 mm (3.15 in),key width = 22 mm (MD2O10-MD2030), and 27 mm
( MD2040).

Tightening torque MD2O10, MD2030, MD2040:60-70 Nm (44.3-51.7 ft.lbs)
Tightening torque MD2030: 80-85 Nm (59.0-62.7 ft.lbs).

12. Put on new copper gasket and fit the fuel leak pipe. Tighten the nuts and connect the return pipe.

13. Fit the delivery pipe complete. Tightening torque 20-25 Nm (14.8-18.4 ft.lbs).

14. MD2O10, MD2020, MD2030: Fit the induction manifold. MD2040: Fit the inlet pipe complete with air filter. Fig. 35. Fitting of thermostat (MD2O10, MD2020, MD2030) and expansion tank.

15. MD2O10, MD2020: Fit the rubber seal, thermostat (3) and spring (2) in the heat exchanger housing (1) Fig. 36. Fitting of thermostat (MD2040)

16. Fit the expansion tank complete with heat exchanger. Connect the hoses to the heat exchanger housing and refrigerant pump. Tighten the hose clips.

17. MD2040: Fit the rubber seal, thermostat and spacer ring in the heat exchanger housing. Fit the cover over the thermostat.

18. Connect the electric cables to the oil pressure relay, and to the refrigerant temperature relay and sensor (where appropriate).

19. Fit the relay box.

20. MD2O10, MD2020: Fit the alternator and clamp. Fit the drive belt.
Note: I t should be possible to press in the belt approx. 10 mm (.40 in) between the pulleys.

21. Connect the hose to the sea water pump and tighten’the clip. Connect the exhaust pipe.

22. Fill with refrigerant. See “Replenishment of refrigera t on page 64.

23. Connect the battery cables. Open the fuel cocks and bottom valve. Start the engine and check that 5. no leakage occurs

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