How to do If Bought Wrong Software Card for GM Tech 2 Scanner ?

VesasTroubles :

My choice at order should be have saab card and cd for GM tech2 Scanner . i received my package , it seems to selected GM card . I do not own any gm cars, only three saab’s. Is there possibility to change the card and cd?

OBDIISHOP Suggestions :

If you have the machine which can replica the software , we can try send the files of saab to you , then you can copy it on this card directly

Vesa :

Ok, i have a laptop with pcmcia memory slot, i asume it could manage this card as it is just a memory card?

So yes please, send me files and instructions so i will try to do replacing files on card myself instead of sending cards.


This is replica software tool download link :

Install this tool first , then delete the gm software from the card first , then copy the saab software to the card , you should have a tool connect the card with your laptop first

This is SAAB software download link :

Vesa :

Thank you for the links and info.

I bought a pcmcia card reader from local computer store for 30 euro and been working for few hours now and finally successed replacing the GM data to Saab data on the pcmcia card for the Tech2.

I m glad to not need to send the card back to you and wait for correct one to arrive cause long distance. Thank you for fast and good service. I will recommend you to my friends.


Thanks for your support

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