Dismantling Method for Doosan DL350-5 Loader Clutch -KV and KR


This article gives a step-by-step direct for dismantling the Doosan DL350-5 Loader Clutch -KV and KR. The method for both clutches is comparable, and the taking after informational center on the dismantling of Clutch -KV.

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Devices Required:

– (S) Snatch sleeve -5873001057
– (S) Snatch sleeve -5873001059
– (S) Fundamental set-5873001000
– (S) Three-leg puller-5870970003
– (S) Get together help -5870345088
– Pry bars
– Compressed discuss source

Dismantling Steps:

1. Expel the rectangular ring by crushing it out (see Bolt within the figure).

2. Utilizing the get sleeves (5873001057 and 5873001059) and fundamental set (5873001000), drag the decreased roller bearing from the shaft.

3. Expel the inverse decreased roller bearing taking after the same method.

4. Crush out the holding ring.

5. Utilize the three-leg puller (5870970003) to isolated the plate carrier from the shaft.

6. Crush out the holding ring and evacuate the plate pack.

7. Preload the compression spring, press out the components utilizing the get together help (5870345088).

8. Utilizing compressed discuss, lift the cylinder out of the barrel bore and expel it.

9. Remove both O-rings (see Bolts in Figure 151, HA9M2045).

10. Utilizing pry bars, somewhat lift the loafer adapt (see Figure 153).

11. Apply a puller to partitioned the loafer equip from the clutch shaft.

12. Press out the holding ring and evacuate the ball bearing.

The dismantling strategy for Clutch -KR is comparable to that of Clutch -KV and ought to be carried out appropriately.


By taking after these steps and utilizing the suitable apparatuses, you’ll be able effectively dismantle the Doosan DL350-5 Loader Clutch -KV and KR. Continuously guarantee that you simply have the essential hardware and take after security safeguards when working on overwhelming apparatus.

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