Common Audi Repair Issues (& How To Fix Them)

Audi is a popular luxury automaker that has a great reputation for its high capability and performance vehicles. Many people believe that Audi produces top quality, low maintenance cars. While this is true for Audi, individual models are susceptible to specific maintenance issues.

As with any car, proper care and regular maintenance are required. Foreign Affairs Motorsport has mechanics that are experts in repairing any Audi.

The luxury brand Audi is popular among people who desire a high performance and quality vehicle. However, there are specific repair issues that are common among Audi cars.

Electrical Issues

Electric issues are typical among Audi cars. Audi owners have stated that the digital dashboard doesn’t always display and lights at times appear erratic. Audi provides a warranty to cover these defects, which means that you’ll likely save on repair costs. Electric components can range from a couple of dollars to thousands depending on what the problem is.

The Fix:

Replacing the components with original equipment (OE) parts are the only solution to this issue. The good news is that costs vary and can be cheap depending on the warranty and what needs to be replaced. FAMS has Audi specialists that are trained in handling replacement fixes on all Audis.
Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are common issues in Audi vehicles. Leaks can occur from two areas:

The Camshaft Tensioner
The Valve Cover Gasket

Oil leaks often result from wear and tear on your car. Common causes are from degraded engines and oil pan damages.

The Fix:

Replacing the camshaft tensioner and the valve cover gasket can fix your leak. You most likely only need to replace one of the parts depending on which part is leaking. Degradation from wear and tear is likely to happen long after your warranty has expired, but regular inspections will ensure that you aren’t caught off-guard by repair costs.
Spark Plug or Ignition Coil Failure

Ignition coil failure is the most common mechanical problem in an Audi. It’s also a common cause for engine misfire and loss of power since the coils are what starts the spark in the engine. Symptoms of a faulty ignition coil include rough idle, loss of power, a stalled car, and a check engine light.

The Fix:

A decent quality OE spark plug and an engine tune-up is an easy fix to this issue. Also, spark plugs and ignition coils are relatively inexpensive. Labor charges should also be inexpensive for this simple fix.

Catalytic Converter Issues

Carbon buildup issues and other clogs in the exhaust flow are common reasons for catalytic converter problems. Finding the root of the problem can be tricky because it takes more than a parts replacement to fully solve the issue.

The Fix:

Replacing Audi’s catalytic converter isn’t a permanent fix to the problem. An experienced mechanic is needed to fully inspect your vehicle and find the source of the issue. Regular engine tune-ups and scheduled maintenances are the only way to prevent converter failures. Mechanics at FAMS have experience in handling Audi catalytic converter issues. Our experts are here to thoroughly inspect and service your car to find the root cause of any emissions issue.

Faulty (Or Loose) Fuel Caps

Fuel caps are probably the least recognized issue in Audis. As small as this may seem, you should fix this issue promptly. Faulty fuel caps if not fixed, can lead to significant mileage issues later down the road.

The Fix:

Tightening your fuel caps or replacing them if they are damaged are easy fixes to this issue.

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