Launch X431 V Enables 2020 Macan S Rear Tail with DRLs

Car model and year: a 2020 Porsche Macan S


to enable the rear tail lights to be illuminated with the DRLs.

Tool to use:

Launch X431 V Bi-Directional Scanner (or X431 ProS Mini etc)

Launch X431 V Scanner

One friend mentioned:

I’ve found this in Rear-end Electronics/Coding/Brush Hidden-Modified/Coding value/Coding value-0

X431 Pros Mini Has 2020 Macan S Rear Tail Lights


OK, so here is the solution for those wanting to activate the DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) on tail lights (this is for a 2020 Macan S).

As we approach our summer equinox with near 22 hours of daylight it’s less of an issue than in 6 months when the inverse occurs and visibility is key. On the version I have, it’s different from what my friend mentions above. In my case, and, as I have mentioned previously, for some unknown reason they’ve put that option in the FRONT END ELECTRONICS. In the section my mentions, the Exterior Lights LED Lights simply confirms that you have LEDs (and not halogen) nothing else in my version. To actually enable them you must go to the section I outline below.


At this point as nothing in that grouping (or the REAR ELECTRONICS for that matter) showed anything pertaining to the feature I want, I went to (initially I just put REAR as a search criteria but here is the exact parameter)

CODING-EXT-LIGHT-DDL with POSITION- AND-TAIL LIGHT (any part of that string, as I can’t remember the exact position of the dashes, will get you there)


change to YES


and you’re done. As you can see there are myriads of permutations as to where different models/versions of Launch X431 decide to place their modules. Furthermore, in this case my friend has a different Porsche software module to mine and probably a different APK as well.

Good luck!

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