The solutions for “not connected to MDI” error

MDI multiple Diagnostic Interface for GM with GDS2 diagnostic system , it supports online programming and wireless communication

function and so on , but if you want to do online programming you should have your own account . GM MDI is better than GM

Tech 2 for the cars after 2009 , if you want to work for old cars , you can choose our GM tech2 .

From now on , there have customers give feedback to us that they met the problem “not connected to MDI “ error , please dont

worry , our engineer group have find the solutions as following :

1.Press the button and connect the power

2.Keep press this button and connect it to power , the power light will be on , wait about 10 seconds please .

3.When all lights on , then you can release the button , and it will enter firmware refresh status .

4.Connect GM MDI with your PC via USB cable , prepare to refresh the firmware .

5.Open “GM MDI Manager “, choose “ Recover” .

Then will be solve the problem , and try to test your GM MDI again , you will see the photo as bellow

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