GM GL8 2008 ECM & TCM Service Programming by TIS2Web

GM GL8 2008 ECM & TCM Service Programming by TIS2Web

This article show you the guide on how to use TIS2Web to perform ECM and TCM service programming for GM GL8 2008 3.0L V6 LZC.And for more GM repair projects,please check here:GM Vehicle Repair Cases.


MDI TIS2web Pass-Thru Programming Guide



Go to to access your “Service Programming” subscription

Select “Service Programming System(SPS)”

SPS is going through several steps that might be time consuming depending on your connection speed.For further details please refer to online help.

Select “Start SPS”

Select Diagnostic Tool “J2534 VXDIAG” and Programming Process “Reprogram ECU”

Click “Next” to continue.

Connect J2534 device to vehicle and PC:

Turn ignition off

Verify battery fully charged

Turn ignition on,engine off

Connect J2534 device to Data Link Connector

Connect J2534 device to PC

Switch J2534 device on and wait for device to get ready

After programming,the technician will be given the opportunity to clear Diagnostic Trouble codes from all ECU’s on this vehicle.The technician may want to record DTCs and Frame Data before continuing.

Click “Next” to continue

Select vehicle


Model Year:2008

Vehicle Type:Passenger Car

Car Line:GL8 Firstland

Engine Type(S):(C) 3.0L V6 LZC

Validate Vehicle Identification Number

Make sure that the correct VIN is displayed

If the VIN is incorrect or missing,enter the VIN

Select “ECM (Engine Control Module-Programming (Pass-Thru Only))”

And Programming Type:Normal

Click “Next” to continue

It show the calibration selection

Click “Next” to continue

You are attempting to reprogram with the same calibration

Select OK to continue,cancel to stop!

And prompt you “Are you want to continue with reprogramming?”

Click “OK” to continue

Transfer Data

It will download data from server and load to ECU automatically,please wait process..

Then click”Next” to continue

Programming Complete.

GM TCM Transmission Control Module Programming:

Back to controller selection,and select “TCM” and programming type:normal

Click “Next” to continue

TCM Control Module calibration selection,click “Next” to continue

M4522 GM does recommend or support reprogramming with the same calibration.

Are you sure want to continue with reprogramming?

Click “OK” to continue

Pre-Programming Instructions

Any vehicle without PRO HP2 (Parallel Hybrid Propulsion System) is NOT equipped with an HCM


Now it will start programming TCM,after then click “Next”

Programming Complete.


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