BMW X3 E83 Steering Angle Calibration by Launch X431

For BMW X-series X3_E83, when replacing steering angle sensor, fault code of 5EBE steering angle sensor implausible occurs. After checking or replacing the steering angle sensor, first set code for steering angle sensor, then enter ABS/DSC system to calibrate. Save current steering angle value as ZERO. Click to See more BMW Trouble Repair article.

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1.Select Coding/Program

2.Select car model: Coding/Program, X-series -> X3_E83 Chassis.

3.Select Coding(Recoding).

4.Select corresponding system, such as LWS (steering angle sensor).

5.Steering angle sensor calibration.Select car model: Manually select: System select -> X-series -> X3_E83 Chassis, automatically read out: vehicle identification -> automatic identification -> system scan.


6.Enter ABS (Anti-lock Brake System – DSC) system.

7.Read DTC.

8.Clear DTC.

9.Select Special Function

10.Enter “Steering angle learning”.


11.Follow the software prompts. After successful calibration, it prompts as below:

Fault in the steering angle sensor memory will be automatically deleted after successful calibration.

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